Do I Need a Sleep Consultant?

           Some parents may choose to do the research, read the books, and develop a plan for their child on their own. If so, I hope your plan works and you see results! If it doesn't work, Sleep Consulting can be the best next step to finally get to the bottom of why your child is having sleep related challenges and what you can do to see improvement in just a few nights! 

          Other parents don't have the time or patience to do all the research and read all the books so they want to hire someone who has not only done all of that already but is a Certified, experienced, professional, Expert in the field of Sleep. 

          No matter where you are on your sleep journey, Shannon Buhera from Nights & Naps Pediatric Sleep Consulting, can support you through an All Inclusive Sleep Package or a Single Phone Consultation.

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All Inclusive Sleep Package


Two weeks to less stress and more sleep for the whole family. 

Step by step solutions with daily support!

for 4 month olds - 4 year olds


  • everything you will need to achieve the goal of healthy, independent sleep.

  • an individualized Sleep Plan

  • unlimited text and voice message support for 2 weeks

  • unlimited email support for 2 weeks

  • two 30 minute phone consultations during our 2 week partnership

  • one 45 minute phone consultation to be used within 6 months after our partnership

Let's begin with a Sleep Goals Call to

chat about your sleep challenges, goals, and how I can help you achieve them!

Single Phone Consultation


Fast advice from a Sleep Expert! 

for newborns to 5 year olds


  • 1 hour Phone Consultation with a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

  • begin by explaining your current sleep challenges and goals

  • answer quick questions to complete our assessment

  • receive immediate ideas of action steps you can take to improve your child's sleep

  • one follow up email with additional questions to be used within one month of your consultation

This is best for families who do not need to do Sleep Training for the first time but rather are going through a regression or have a list of specific sleep questions!

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