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I'm Shannon,

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant!

I give families the gift of SLEEP!

 I finally get to the bottom of WHY your child is having sleep challenges and WHAT you can do to see improvement in just a few nights! 

I help exhausted parents reach their ideal vision of sleep for

their families. 

Every member of your family deserves

a good night's rest!

"...It was HARD to decide to get help, but it was the BEST decision for my family! It's hard trusting someone with such a personal life challenge, but Shannon handled it with class. We are all now sleeping like angels and we owe it all to the guidance of Shannon."

-Jessica, Mom of 10 month old

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Happy Young Family

Christina, Mom

"...Shannon was thoughtful, respectful, and responsive. Her detailed plan took all of my information about my daughter and our family into consideration. And it worked! Over the course of two weeks, my daughter went from being completely dependent on nursing to get to sleep to (happily!) falling asleep independently."


Mike, Dad

"She truly made us feel so understood, at ease, and didn't force anything we weren't comfortable with."

Parents with Child

Jessica, Mom

"We had read the books, talked to friends and family, and knew something had to change in our daughter's sleep. Shannon gave us the confidence and comfort to finally take the steps to help our daughter achieve quality sleep."