Holiday Wishlist Guide: Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

What could be better than being given the gift of sleep? A good night's rest can change everything for your family. Your health, energy levels, mood, and more!

I’m Shannon Buhera from Nights and Naps Pediatric Sleep Consulting and I’ve compiled all my most recommended items to help improve your family’s sleep from infant to adult. These are great gift ideas for loved ones! Add them to your list this holiday season, or maybe just forward this entire list to your husband with a PS. I NEED more sleep!

Gifts for Baby & Family

The Hatch: If you don’t already have a white noise machine, you need one. If you do already have one, it might be worth this upgrade. Easily programmed and adjusted with the app, this white noise and OK to Wake Clock will be used for nights and naps from newborn to Pre-K! My link will get you 10% off!

Travel Black Out Shades: Not just for travel. These are currently hanging in my daughter’s

windows to keep her room dark – perfect for her naps and for keeping early wake ups away! The added benefit is that when we travel, we just un-suction them, fold them up, and throw them in the suitcase. They can work in small windows but are large enough to help in big hotel windows, too!

Sleepwear from Nested Bean: Their swaddle did the trick for my daughter when she was just a month old and their Zen One Classic is the perfect transition from swaddle to sleep sack. The lightly weighted technology provides extra comfort, especially for children who prefer to sleep snuggled up with Mama or Dada.

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Gifts for Kids

Slumberkins: Snuggle up with these soft loveys for toddlers and up! They come with books that promote early emotional learning. They would look adorable popping out the top of your stocking! Shop their holiday collection or take their Gift Guide Quiz

Primary PJs: Simple solids or rainbow prints? The whole family matching or just the kids? These are my daughter's favorite pajamas! I recommend the zip up footies for babies because they are easy to get on and off and have a perfect fit and look! The PJs for toddlers and older are simple and stylish. Choose your child's favorite colors to make it a great, yet practical, gift! Family matching PJs for holiday mornings or family photos!

Little Renegades Bedtime Meditation Cards: The perfect calming addition to a bedtime routine. In bed, tucked in, dim lights, books have been read, and a parent says, “close your eyes and listen to this meditation”. After reading, you give a kiss goodnight and leave the room for your child’s peaceful dreams to begin.

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Gifts for Adults

The Hatch Restore for Adults: Because, yeah, we need one too. From a sound machine, to soft book light, to a sunrise alarm that supports healthy cortisol levels, this will be your second favorite bedroom companion. Makes for the perfect gift for your spouse who struggles with morning wake ups.

Are you a candle lover or an essential oils believer? I’m both – here’s what to add to your list.

Ember Sense Candles: My go to scent is Lavender and Black Amber. It’s part of MY bedtime routine. That’s right, adults need bedtime routines too. Right before you snuggle up with a good book, light this small batch, hand poured Soy candle. The scent will help you come down from a busy day and prepare your body for sleep.

Essential Oil Kit with Luxury Diffuser from The Simply Living Collective: Alyssa, mom and essential oil guru says, "It's a complete toolbox that helps with sleep, big emotions, stress relief, congestions, those mama aches and pains, immune system boost, and booboos! It's safe for the whole family and the highest quality which is what moms want". This is the perfect gift set for an entire family!

Mezzati Luxury Sheets Set at an affordable price from amazon: A subtle, smooth, softness that will pull you into bed and hug your skin like a kiss goodnight. My husband and I bought two sets so when one needs washed we never have to have a bed unmade (or maybe it’s because then we don’t have to actually wash and dry it immediately, but you get the idea).

Luxury Pillow and weighted blanket from Brooklyn Bedding

Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket: Weighted blankets can provide that extra snug, tucked in, safe, feeling. Good luck ever wanting to get out of bed with this one!

Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow: Stop turning over your pillow, fluffing it up, folding it in half, and otherwise trying to transform it into something more comfortable than it is. This is an investment in your sleep!

Sleep Consulting Gift Cards!

Does it get much better than receiving or giving the gift of sleep? As moms, we can’t magically know how to do it ALL. We’re exhausted and sometimes we need help. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I help parents through my workshops, individualized Sleep Plans and one-on-one coaching. Services can add so much more value to our lives than Things. If you could use my Sleep Support, add a gift card to your Holiday List or buy one for any of your friends or families who are in need of more sleep! Book for a specific Sleep Package or choose an amount that can be used for any of my services or products! Here are some of my current services:

$68 – Single Phone Sleep Consultation (up to 45 minutes) You tell me your challenges, I give you my evaluation and recommendations for specific action steps to help improve your child’s sleep.

$198 – Set For Success: An individualized Sleep Plan to serve as your 2 week guide to reading your ideal vision of sleep based on a detailed questionnaire. Includes one follow up email where you can ask as many questions as you’d like!

$398 – All Inclusive: An individualized Sleep Plan (same as above), two phone consultations, and unlimited daily emailing/texting for troubleshooting and coaching support for 2 weeks.

Happy Holidays and Cheers to Restful Nights!

Shannon Buhera,

from Nights and Naps Pediatric Sleep Consulting

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