"Working with Shannon calmed my skepticism and fear of sleep training. My daughter had been struggling with sleep for about 5 months and we tried all sorts of tactics the internet suggested, without true success. It was HARD to decide to get help, but it was the BEST decision for my family! Its hard trusting someone with such a personal life challenge, but Shannon handled it with class. We are all now sleeping like angels and we owe it all to the guidance of Shannon. She truly made us feel so understood, at ease, and didn't force anything we weren't comfortable with. I couldn't recommend her more!"

— Jessica, 

Mom to 10 a Month Old


"We had read the books, talked to friends and family, and knew something had to change in our daughter's sleep. Shannon gave us the confidence and comfort to finally take the steps to help our daughter achieve quality sleep. I highly recommend Shannon, we all sleep better and wake up happier."

— Mike, 

Dad to 10 a Month Old

"I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who is looking for a change in their child’s sleep routine. I’d consider our sleep and philosophy somewhat untraditional as we tend to be very child led in our approach and I’m uncomfortable with leaving my child to cry on her own for any length of time when it comes to sleep. I assumed we’d be a difficult/impossible family to work with when I approached Shannon for some guidance in moving our almost two year old into her next phase of independent sleep.


Shannon was thoughtful, respectful, and responsive. Her detailed plan took all of my information about my daughter and our family into consideration. And it worked! Over the course of two weeks, my daughter went from being completely dependent on nursing to get to sleep to (happily!) falling asleep independently. Shannon was able to keep me motivated, problem solved with me along the way, and adjusted according to my needs and comfort level. She was singularly focused on helping us reach our goals, and did so with such expertise, I could swear she’d been doing this her whole life!


I’d always been hesitant to consult with a pediatric sleep expert, and would encourage those who feel the same way to reach out to Shannon specifically. She is amazing!"

— Christina, Mom to a 2 year old

Happy Family at Home

"My son literally co-slept with me since the first night in the hospital. He immediately hated sleeping separate from his mama and hated sleeping on his back. Our first weeks home he would wake every 10-15 minutes very upset that he’s on his back in a separate bassinet so we went back to safe-as-possible co sleeping.


It was very restricting for me and I wanted to follow safe sleep ABC’s so I got in touch with Shannon. She listened to the problem areas and constructed a detailed 2 week plan for me that not just helped correct co sleeping but also my sons need to breastfeed to sleep. Shannon also would text me every morning asking how the night went and would give me great constructive feedback that helped me get around snags I encountered.


The first night was a little rough as we didn’t make it the entire night sleeping separately but small victories! He slept by himself for 4 hours. Second night, he slept the whole night in the bassinet only waking a couple times upset as he was learning to adjust. Third night, he was getting used to it. At the end of week one, he has adjusted. He falls asleep in his bassinet within 10-15 minutes and sleeps all night minus when he wakes to feed.


If you’re having any sleep issues with your baby, Shannon knows her stuff!"

— Brittany, Mom to a 3 month old

Family Time

"Shannon has been such a helpful resource when it comes to my child’s sleep. She is very knowledgeable, warm, and always willing to help. I’ve learned a lot with her about sleep which translates in better sleep for my baby. I highly recommend Shannon."

— Perla,

Mom to an 8 Month Old

Happy Family